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 my desire to plant trees started from. It felt like this at night when I was sleeping. that I can’t breathe. Some nights beat like this, so we felt that there is a lack of oxygen here, and we are not getting sleep at night. It had been 1 year and 6 months since we came to Delhi. I got very upset and started thinking about what to do now. Well one thing or another, I have lived in the village since always. But I didn’t face any problems there. Cookies there live trees or plants. When started collecting information about the environment of Delhi from my internet, then.

 I came to know that Delhi is found to have the highest pollution in my entire India. The equivalent across our earth in 2010 was 21% oxygen drink caste. And by 2022  20.95% Has become. Since then I have thought that now I have vowed to plant about 1 lakh trees alone in my lifetime. If you guys have good luck, then my dream of planting one million trees will be fulfilled. We have planted 500+ trees in the last few years. 

My target is to plant 1 lakh trees in 1 year. Our goal is to keep planting trees or keep telling people about the tree so that they also love the tree or plant trees in their house or start planting trees nearby. trees plants info

best oxygen trees in India

The efforts to reduce pollution and support farmers through tree plantation continue to drive green India towards mega projects and big-scale plantations in rural areas. With the realization that acknowledging nature’s need in our urbanizing cities requires innovation in the plantation sector, the dense afforestation method was adopted. Green India started with a few trees and continues to plant lakes of trees every year.

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If you want to know more about Trees and Plants, then you can take information from our website.treesplantsinfo.com/ And we are also running a small {NGO} to keep India green, if you are a tree lover then go to our website and donate whatever you can.

my dream is my India be green