What trees say

Plants say if you saved us today. So we will save you or your future generation. And if you destroy us like this, then you will also be destroyed. The way trees are being cut today and trees are being removed from our homes. There will be a shortage of oxygen in the future. oxygen trees in India Due to this many types of diseases will start spreading among the people and there will be no cure for these diseases. Because harmful gas will start being produced on our earth. The diseases caused by these gasses will prove to have many components. Which will destroy our entire earth, to save us from these glasses. More and more trees will have to be planted, so we suggest that you start planting trees around you. And small plants like Money plants, Tulsi Plants, Aloe Vera Plants, Areca Palm Plants, Snake Plants, etc. In your homes, more oxygen plants and trees Plant air-purifying plants in the living room on the balcony in the ceiling in your homes and enjoy the fresh air. TakeSome people cut us just because we make a mess in their households like our leaves, our twigs, or our deceit.

We give you more than that. Such as fruits to eat, oxygen fresh here to breathe, and the shade of a cool tree. A home for birds or small insects also serves as a house for spiders. best oxygen trees in India


“12 types of Indian oxygen tree plants in India.

We give you more than that. For example, fruits to eat, fresh to breathe, and shade of cool trees. It also serves as a home for birds or small children. That’s why we have to deal with you, don’t bite us just because we spread filth in your house or outside your house. Let all of you know that this is not our filth. The people of the village also cook food on the stove since our time. Or during the winter season, people remove their cold by burning their leaves or branches or those leaves branches which are left after burning them. Our farmer brothers use them in their fields, due to which the crop of the fields is good and the yield is also good. Which saves us from harmful fertilizers, the benefits of trees are many, you will get tired of counting. more info